Our Sport Fitness Training program provides athletes with an effective training program that gets results focusing on injury prevention, longevity in your chosen sport, and increased sports performance.

In most sports, not only are athletes constantly reacting to external forces such as gravity and the ground, we spend countless hours repeating the same movement patterns over and over. An athlete must be able to speed up, slow down, stop, change directions, adjust, and readjust. 

Developed to help minimize muscle overuse and common injuries while improving overall sports performance, this program includes the development of functional flexibility, proper breathing, core strength, functional strength, coordination and stabilization of the hips and back, proper movement and landing mechanics and muscle activation, explosiveness, speed and agility, .

Tamm Neal Training only works with athletes who are serious about their fitness.  We want all of our clients to benefit from the services we offer.


Use our online portal track your progress and set goals/tasks.


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