Keepin' You in Play


Established in the fitness industry almost 20 years ago, Tamm Neal Training is an online fitness resource for athletes looking to stay healthy and fit. We provide fitness solutions in the areas of overuse injuries/musculoskeletal disorders, movement, fitness training, rest and recovery, nutrition guidance, and mindfulness.   


Tamm Neal Training's MISSION is to empower athletes by providing simple, effective fitness solutions athletes can use on the go, anytime, anywhere to help reduce rates of sports-related injuries, maintain sport performance and overall well-being.

Why Tamm Neal Training?

Athletes train with Tamm Neal Training for a variety of reasons. My programs are developed to minimize overuse and chronic sports-related injuries.  Some athletes train because they want to know exactly what to do and how to do it when it comes to injury prevention and achieving their fitness goals. Some athletes train with me because of specific health concerns that can be addressed through consistent flexibility and strength training with nutritional guidance. Others train because they need accountability to ensure they consistently work training into their busy schedules.  Regardless of your reason, Tamm Neal Training will continue to work with you and educate you on the many ways to maintain and stay in control of your health and fitness.

No doubt that online training takes self-motivation.  I keep it simple. I develop safe, efficient and results-oriented programs to fit into your schedule and fulfill your needs. Your program, your goals, your total fitness. There are no schedules, no contracts.  Tamm Neal Training offers different workout plans built from the ground up to support your unique fitness goals, needs and wants.

Why Online?

Life has it's challenges and can be quite hectic at times including time management.  In the past,  fitness training may have seemed like a luxury, but today, it is a necessity. With the modern day lifestyle, scheduling with a fitness trainer and getting to the gym can sometimes become impossible.  Online Fitness Training allows individuals the flexibility of training and working out in accordance with their own schedule.

  • No more having to schedule with a trainer.
  • Train on the go, anytime, anywhere!
  • Affordability
  • Access to an expert
  • Accountability
  • No contracts