Athlete Performance and Fitness Training

Physical Training

Tennis requires different body positions such as reaching, stopping, starting and serving. PHYSICAL TRAINING focuses on preparing the athlete physically for the demands of competition. Physical training focuses on improving a tennis players overall athleticism.

Mental Strength Training

MENTAL STRENGTH TRAINING is training that teaches tennis players effective mental skills to help improve performance and well-being. Mental strength training focuses specifically on coaching athletes to help them break through barriers that keep them from performing up to their potential on a consistent basis. Just like physical training, mental strength training must be practiced often.  


NUTRITION is the process of taking in food and using it for health, growth and repair. Nutrition is important for tennis players because it provides a source of energy required to perform. Food is the body’s fuel like gas is fuel for a car. Don’t put enough gas in, the car won’t run. Put the wrong type of gas in, and it could mess up your engine. Making better food choices can help improve performance, prevent injuries and promote recovery. 

Rest, Recovery, Regeneration

RECOVERY, REST and REGENERATION addresses allowing the body time to recuperate. Training to compete takes a lot of hard work and over time can be taxing on the body. Not allowing your body enough time to rest can lead to injury, reduced performance and burnout.